Fish Style Café Sanchichokuso Hokkaido In Sapporo

Hokkaido’s Sanchichokuso is one of the most popular spots to appreciate new fish and is unquestionably not very depleting of wallets situated close to Sapporo station. The fundamental part of this izakaya can be come to by strolling for 1-5 minutes to find a workable pace, contingent upon which entryway you exit.

The fundamental part of Sanchichokuso has a past filled with over 80 years, and has a great environment that is agreeable for the guests. For a progressively agreeable environment the guests will open the footwear and put it on the storage furnished with the key.

Here’s a couple of backbone menu of Hokkaido Sanchichokuso café that you need to attempt!

Salmon Roe Bowl

This eatery is celebrated for Ikura wear which is salmon eggs, on the off chance that you like fish you should attempt Ikura wear this. Ikura is generally utilized for Hokkaido Sushi beating, however this nourishment is the primary menu right now, unique menu name is “Namara Koboshi Ikura Don”.

With an unmistakable surface not the same as the other fish eggs, this ikura wear will be reasonable eaten with a bowl of rice and every one of you bite the Ikura wear this will feel the vibe that there are not two. One of the Ikura Don is valued at 1,990 yen and one individual can just request once.

Flame broiled Atka Mackerel

Fish Style Café Sanchichokuso Hokkaido In Sapporo
Fish Style Café Sanchichokuso Hokkaido In Sapporo

In the event that you incline toward prepared nourishment you should attempt Hokkaido flame broiled mackerel fish. This Hokkaido mackerel fish is celebrated for its enormous size and particular surface. One menu is generally fit to fill your stomach, however increasingly tasty again joined by opposite side dishes. If you don’t mind be cautious with the bones, in light of the fact that the fish are generally prepared promptly without evacuating the bones ahead of time. Incredible flame broiled mackerel fish is evaluated at 1,390 yen

Zangi – Hokkaido style Fried Chicken

Fish Style Café Sanchichokuso Hokkaido In Sapporo
Fish Style Café Sanchichokuso Hokkaido In Sapporo

Zangi is a Hokkaido karaage variant. A few people say that Zangi is simply one more word for karaage while others state the taste is totally different. The zangi pieces are typically marginally bigger than the karaage when all is said in done. Chicken pieces prepared with an extraordinary blend cause it to feel somewhat unique on the off chance that you have a delicate tongue.

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The most ideal approach to see whether a karaage and a comparative zangi is to attempt it for yourself. Three huge bits of zangi are presented with sweet tamarind sauce for 690 yen.

That is some menu that you should attempt when visiting Sapporo at the Sanchichokuso eatery Hokkaido!

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Diane Murray